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10/31/2013 - 12:46


With the appearing of the first iPad in 2010, this device has become increasingly important in its users’ life. In fact, the sales volume of this device are constantly growing and experts affirm that personal computers (used at home) will be soon replaced by tablets.
Which are the main factors that determine the success of these devices?
For sure, the three most decisive features are:

  • extreme simplicity
  • low costs
  • lightness, handiness, high portability

Portability and simplicity are, above all, the main reasons why tablets are more and more present in people’s life, who often opt for using these devices instead of personal computers, even in office.

Recently, the new trend among shop or restaurant managers is to substitute traditional cash registers with applications for iPad or Android tablets, which let them carrying on their activities avoiding complex and expensive problems.
A revolution started by Urban Outfitters Managers, who have been the first to adopt tablets instead of cash registers in their POS. A cheap and bearable solution compared to the costs generated by traditional cash registers and which turns the point of sale into a more spacious and elegant one.
Tablets simplify and accellerate your work, reducing the percentage of mistakes.
The success gained by these innovative POS softwares has been outstanding, so that more and more business owners decided to replace their old cash registers with tablets.
Studying this new market, we noticed a serious lack: these applications, substitute of old cash registers, have been developed only for Apple products (iPad).
In this regard, we decided to develop an application suitable for both iPad or Android tablets, letting our customers replace their cash registers with our brand new product: CassaNova.
CassaNova not only will change the way customers pay the cashier, but also their experience in the store.
In detail, Cassanova is an innovative cash register, simple, fast and convenient. Adaptable to any business due to the high capacity configuration. Intuitive and user friendly, it will allow the user to learn a whole new way of counting: simpler, safer and functional, and to approach their customers, being able to keep track of their accounts, orders and purchases. This lets you to build customer loyalty and manage their purchasing habits through, for example, the ability to store open bills or discounts.
Cassanova is perfectly able to replace the old systems!
It offers an innovative approach to manage accounts and countless features, such as customization of the price list, the inclusion of preferred products to speed up your work, creation of pre-bills, open bills and accounts dedicated to each cash operator.
And for what concerning receipts?
Cassanova prints all types of tax documents such as invoices or receipts through the simple configuration with fiscal printers from Epson.
In addition to being functional, CassaNova allows to simplify and speed up the work, being much more intuitive and simpler than a common cash register, you can say goodbye to errors in printed reports.
So why do you choose to bear high costs and to work with complicated and obsolete tools when they can be replaced by a product like ours?

CassaNova allows you to have all the functionality of a traditional cash register and not only ... Cassanova is also social!
Thanks to the integration of CassaNova with Facebook, through a simple click, you will be able to share messages or images. Why we decided to offer this functionality?
Nowadays any person who runs a business is aware of the importance that social networks can have on the flow of their customers’ loyalty. More and more retailers are using Facebook as a free platform to advertise their shop, keeping in contact with their customers and sharing content such as news about the point of sale or the activation of discounts and promotions.
You will be able to access your company profile on Facebook through Cassanova. Once logged in to your profile you can share any suitable content for your Facebook fans, without the need of having the Facebook app installed on your device and accessible to other cash users .

The new star of cash registers was born and its name is: CassaNova.

Here the links to download CassaNova:

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